All The Presidents Quot Lunch Barack Obama Meets Past Presidents

All The Gentlemen Here Understand Both The Pressures And Possibilities Of This Office Obama said during a pre-meal photo op. For Me To Have The Opportunity To Get Advice Good Counsel And Fellowship With These Individuals Is Extraordinary. President-elect Barack Obama called the most exclusive club in the world on Wednesday, huddling at the White House for maximum power lunch with the presidents of life.

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Sharon Osbourne Catfight On Charm School

Sharon retaliates. C is somewhere a clause providing that all the cable TV meetings must contain a kind of physical fight? So Sharon Osbourne Megan says that we should t be able to race. It not enough.. Bleeped Megan says something about Ozzy.

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O J Simpson Living The Good Life In Prison

However, based on page six, Simpson, 67, is much more content since he was transferred to the Lovelock Correction Center near Reno last month. He mentioned the benefits from such services as the television in his cell, although it regretted the lack of HBO, and is authorized to play checkers and cards with his companions in order roomies. Well, happy as a boy can be when youre in prison for the crime kidnapping, armed robbery and other charges that could spell 33 years behind bars.

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Radiohead And Jay Z Get Mashed A Top Story This Week

Here it is again: (MusicRadar) If the mash-up is the sincerest form of flattery, then Jay-Z must feel tickled pink to the most recent audio collage in his honor. Jaydiohead was the brainchild of New York City DJ who calls himself Fresh minty, and lots of songs from Jay-Z Black Album American Gangster and with items like Radiohead classic OK Computer, Kid A and In Rainbows. Radiohead and Jay-Z Get Mashed was a beginning of history this week. This is called Jaydiohead, couples and those with him brain rockers from Oxfordshire.

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